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Positive Posture Pilates®


07906 131726

Regulated: Register of Exercise Professionals UK

Coaching from a personal &

professional teacher...

Pilates & Your Instructor:




Hi I’m Alii ...

I’m a trained CYQ level III Pilates Instructor which include Level III Anatomy & Physiology, I am regulated by the Register of Exercise Professionals UK and have been specialising in client cases since 2010. I love Pilates and think you will too! 

Pilates will train you to support your body for every-day movements by strengthening your Core muscles (including pelvic floor) using controlled and balanced movements. 

Also, improving your health, well-being and your sport with a stronger, upright posture too – all good! 

Pic: Joseph Pilates 1920's

Why I chose the Pilates ​way ... having started out life as a severe asthmatic - I went on to participated in many sports including running, cycling, fencing, skiing, tennis and riding

- I enjoyed the usual stresses of business corporate-life and serious socialising in London! - moving on from that - having children, returning back to Cornwall and the manic life of being a parent!! - and as you may recognise...all that & years whizzing by...takes it's - toll not only mentally but on your body too!!

I was never really sure when I stopped exercising but it was probably something to do with running around after young children, feeling like I'd run a marathon most days - without ever really stretching a any muscles in a balance way!!

My lower back would occasionally completely lock-down - not very convenient!! Rest would cure, but who's got time for a lot of rest every few months!. I visited a Chiropractor who confirmed a hip/leg shorter than the other and my spine would have to compensate for this to keep my head upright! - All would be ok once aligned for a few months then a re-occurrence! Not good!

By stretching muscles equally I could feel it was doing me some good and keeping me more 'level' in the hip-department. I joined a few classes to encourage me to keep this up - however I didn't find anything that quite matched what I was looking for - so that's why...

I went away to train as a PILATES MAT-BASED INSTRUCTOR in 2010 - it matched all my expectations with great attention to muscle stretch, Core strength and the use of breath in exercise.

I really feel the benefit of PILATES EVERY DAY. . from morning exercise; awareness of my body and it's control during the day; through to PILATES stretching for relaxation and a good nights sleep at the end of the day. Bliss!

I hope I'll still be looking as fit and feeling active as Joseph Pilates when I'm in my 80's - see below & previous page (female version obviously!).

PILATES has really helped me and I would like to show you and teach you the benefits too....

To your good health. Alii x

Pic: Joseph Pilates 1920's

Positive Posture Pilates®


07906 131726

Regulated: Register of Exercise Professionals UK


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