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Dear Pilates People...

We’ve come a long way in the time you’ve been with Positive Posture Pilates!

It is fantastic to see improvements at all levels; whether an improvement in balance and so reducing your chance of a fall, to stronger core and more flexible joints allowing you to carry out your favourite sports & hobbies with greater ease.  

Your understanding of how all these movements can be extended into our everyday lives is a huge benefit, as well as our realisation that we are constantly exercising and with our Pilates awareness we are better focus for strength & injury prevention.... and GREAT to see confident upright positive posture too – Well done!

I'm looking forward to an INSPIRATIONAL BODY MECHANICS edge to our AUTUMN programme.

Great to have you along...!    

[email protected]

Surf-Pilates, a real treat to look up into the blue sky and even the clouds...our balance and core control was tuned ...and we surfed sooo much better - RESULT!!

Inspired our Olympic styled Pilates classes - and then we could watch the real athletes bracing core to get that consistency in their sport - AMAZING!!!!

Classes really building as word gets around, new venues added, so pleased so many are benefiting from Pilates

PILATES - Autumn - St Hilary School - start the month with a new regime of Core Muscle Control, aligning your posture, looking and feeling upright, fit and toned ready to tackle the winter months, whether it's skiing or raking the leaves get your body in shape to prevent injuries ... and looking good!!

Summer Hols: Great to see Men coming for Pilates too - joining exclusive ...Men's session.

Tips for being tops:

Watch the coffee refuel!! Taking on-board too often or with food reduces the body's ability to absorb the required iron levels from food - how about substituting with a glass of cool fresh water - ideal! Yay!!

Eat more protein! A protein based snack will leave you feeling fuller for longer compared to a highly processed carbohydrate based one...so have a handful of mixed nuts - not salted ones. This will help curb your appetite whilst providing good fats. Now where is that packet........!

HOT, HOT, HOT ...Keep hydrated!!

- 2 litres+ per day - especially in this hot weather. Even if recent press says the body takes enough in for survival - most who do top up their fluids find their skin is not so dry and has a softer plumped appearance, not to mention the detox benefits ... I'm sold on those to name just a few - try boiled water i.e. coffee without the coffee, sugar and milk!!! Or Pure-Ice lollies with fresh mint ..Very refreshing .. :)

Spare some time, just 5 mins!!- for morning and evening stretches (our pets do!!) - using our braced core and breathing technique used in class try shoulder bridge, child's pose and clam stretches to get the mobility in your body before you start your day. Similarly repeated slowly @ night and relax into a calm sleep .. and no need for the floor, even the bed will do - no excuses - 5 mins for hours of well being - you're worth it!

Positive Posture Pilates®


Regulated: Register of Exercise Professionals UK


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