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Regulated: Register of Exercise Professionals UK

 ..experience the Pilates positive feeling...

..improving the Core of your life!

Session Content:

Warm Up: Developing your body & postural awareness. Recognising neutral spinal alignment and engaging Core. Introducing effective breathing.

Main Phase: Challenging and strengthening Core muscles whilst re-establishing co-ordination with balanced flexibility and mobility throughout body. Incorporating injury prevention. I Recognise each body is different and requires different areas of attention, my exercises address this by having options to allow working at the level you are comfortable with whilst allowing for comfortable development in the future.

Closing Phase: Stretches to incorporate the muscular, fascia and vertebral kinetic chain worked during our session. Physical & mental summary empowering yourselves to continue to be correctly centred and with improved posture for your everyday life.

quietly relaxed but energized ....

"I love seeing my clients growing in confidence in their abilities and their bodies. I have had so much positive feed-back on how Pilates has changed and improved their lives. This makes my job so worthwhile and I love seeing them leaving feeling relaxed, energised and happy with their progress and a feeling of well-being".

All Sessions are individual according to the needs of my clients participating.

One-to-one tuition are programmes developed to your individual needs - and work at your pace, with input from yourself as well as experienced professional advice and guidance on exercises. Also, taking into account medical and/or chiropractic direction as required. 

*Regulated by Register of

Exercise Professionals

Tuition Fees:


Gift card for 1-2-1 session £75, incl. complimentary Pilates mat...indulge & pamper your special friend to a personalised Pilates class ... 

Individual - Client Specific Programme:

Consultation, Analysis and Individual Specific Programme 

Sessions are £55-65 location & specification dependent, for 1-1½ hrs - all equipment provided @ your home, holiday cottage or at one of our local venues, even the beach!

An Individual Session is a pre-requisite to joining my classes, this ensures you gain greater benefit & make the most of my tuition; We are all physically built differently so working with you and your body to ensure a more individual specific course for you.

Arrange one session or request a personalised progressive programme whether you are local or here on holiday.

2 Person Session: £65-75 for two – 1 hour tuition

Group Class: 6 sessions for £55, £11 drop-in, pre-requisite is at least one 1-2-1 session as detailed above, ensuring you & your body get the most out of the classes.

(Loyalty discount means £8 for booked 2nd session or £35 for 6 week course)

Run-buddy: £20 per half hour – motivation and training - or add on to your one-to-one session

Positive Posture Pilates®


Regulated: Register of Exercise Professionals UK


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